Yellow Sally fly

Neversink CaddisIt being summer time usually means it time to  tie up some Yellow Sally (Isoperla).  They are a smaller stoneflies that are common in many streams in the GSMNP.  They usually hatch in the afternoon in August.  The Chattahoochee –  Nantahala T.U. Chapter 692  Fly Recipe Database has two good fly patterns to tie.  The yellow Neversink Caddis ( link) and the Little Yellow Sally (link).  I  would use a red marker to add a tag on the Neversink Pattern. I would also use Ginger Hackle instead of brown.  Tie then both in size 16 and a few in size 14.  If you find they are not hitting on the the Neversink Caddis go to the more realistic looking Little Yellow Sally pattern.  Normally August is hot month with lower water levels. I would usually only fish in the late evening this time of the year,  but this year may different if the rain keeps up.

Good Fishing

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