July Membership Meeting

President’s Corner

Mike Bryant (mjbryant1954@hotmail.com)


Obviously the rain continues to be a factor in fishing this year. I have had to work harder to find fishable water in the Park. Even the hit-or-miss thunderstorms have me guessing. A couple of weeks ago, I ended up with some free time and decided to head up to the Middle Prong above Tremont for a couple of hours of late afternoon fishing. The sun was out at our home in Townsend with no signs of storms or local showers. When I turned onto Tremont Road paralleling the Middle Prong I noticed that the water had that chalky white color caused by rain runoff from the gravel road. By the time I reached the Tremont Institute it was obvious that it had poured only minutes earlier. I had to drive up almost to the Lynn Camp trailhead parking lot before the water had its normal color.


My son, Kiel stayed with us for a couple of days over the Fourth of July weekend. Rain and other family matters kept us from fishing together during his visit. But we had the opportunity to talk our fishing trips on the Nantahala when he was between 10 – 13 years old. I still have great memories of those trips. These days I’m helping my 2-1/2 year old granddaughter catch bluegill and little bass on her Barbie fishing rod. When fishing off our dock a couple of weeks ago we were surprised when a rather large bullfrog attacked her red & white bobber. She may too young to remember it, but I won’t forget. I hope to continue to have great experiences with our kids and grandkids on the water.


Many thanks to Josh Pfeiffer (Frontier Anglers in Maryville) for a great fly tying demonstration at last month’s meeting. Josh is an excellent guide and knowledgeable fly tier. The smallmouth patterns he tied and the techniques he demonstrated were really cool. We used our video camera / projector system for the first time and by most accounts it worked well. We will continue to work out the improvements. I’d like to use the system for possible Chapter fly tying classes this coming winter. Hopefully more to come on this educational event in the future.


If you haven’t read it yet, check out the great article on GSMNP’s Steve Moore in TU’s Summer 2013 Trout magazine. Chris Camuto wrote a great article on Steve’s career, and his passion for the Park and brook trout restoration. Chris outlines the incredible volunteer efforts from members of the Little River, Clinch and Great Smoky Mountain Chapters, and the strong relationship that has developed between the Park Service and members of our local chapters over the last several decades. We owe a debt of gratitude to Steve, Matt and other Park Service personnel. Many thanks to all the TU members who have given time as well.


Smokemont Fishing Trip

We are planning a LRCTU Chapter Fishing Trip to Smokemont in August. Group Campsite #G1 has been reserved for Friday night (August 9) and Saturday night (August 10). There are many great streams to fish over in this area including Oconaluftee , Bradley Creek, Straight Fork, and Raven Fork just to name a few. This is a great opportunity to fish as well as spend some time with fellow Chapter members. We’ll likely have a group cookout on Saturday night. The cost to camp in the group campsite is cheap. Even if you cannot camp overnight, consider coming over for a day trip. Just let us know your plans. See Trip Coordinator Mike McKinsey’s article below.



All the rain this year has definitely slowed down conservation efforts in the Park. The multi-site sampling of brook trout on Lynn Camp Prong had to be delayed due to high water. I, along with 6-7 other TU volunteers helped the Park Service one day in June when the water wasn’t too high. But we only sampled one site. Steve Moore wants to make sure they collect good data, and is concerned that high water may compromise their ability to truly assess brook trout populations. We’ll let you know when dates have been rescheduled. As announced in last month’s newsletter, Lynn Camp Prong will continue to be closed until further notice. As anxious as we all are to resume fishing on this beautiful little stream, we will have to patient a little longer.



July Chapter Meeting

How about a free dinner?? Our July Chapter Meeting (Thursday, July 25) will be outdoors at River Johns Outfitters. Under the capable hands of Mike McKinsey, we will be grilling some great food. There’s the opportunity to fish, meet fellow members, learn a thing or two about fishing in the Little River. Dave Ezell is coordinating opportunities to float and fish the Little River before the cookout. See Dave’s article. Dinner will be served at 6:30 pm. A map has been included in this newsletter.


Where: River John’s Island – located on the Little River, just northeast of Maryville on Cave Mill Rd. (Map)  http://www.riverjohns.com/


Directions: From the last Pellisippi Pkwy exit, go left on Hwy 33, right on Sam Houston, left on Wildwood, right on Cave Mill. (Map)


Clinch River Cleanup – Saturday, July 20

Looking for another opportunity to give back? Consider helping at the first-ever Big Clinch River Cleanup on July 20. Activities start at 8 a.m. with a breakfast and briefing for all participants at the Museum of Appalachia, 2819 Andersonville Highway, Norris. The cleanup will wrap up about noon. Check out the attached article for more details.


I hope you can join us at the July meeting at River John’s. Have a safe summer!





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