Fly Recipe Database

Our friends to the south the T.U. Chattahoochee / Nantahala Chapter #692  has a really good Fly Recipe database. (Link) It is broken up in to several pages like Appalachian, Attractor, Bead Head, Biots, Caddis, Dry, Dun, Emerger, Indicator, Mayfly, Midges, Nymphs, Parachute, Peacock, Soft Hackle, Spinner, Stonefly, Streamer, Terrestrials and the Wet fly pages, with Appalachian fly page being my favourite.  You can also search the database by fly color, type, creator. It does not all the patterns we use. George Nymph is one example. But it does have a lot different patterns to chose from.  If you tie your on flies this a good webpage to have in your bookmarks.

Good fishing   <((((<


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