Chernobyl Ant

Dakota Angler & Outfitter  has a bunch of online fly tying videos that you may want to checkout.  If you fish the Clinch River or other tailwaters you will need to take a look at the Ray Charles Sow bug,  Deep Purple Nymph, Firebead Sowbug and the Sipper Midge.  But now that we are in midsummer. Terrestrials are the main source of food for Trout and the Chernobyl Ant is a great all around summer attractor and hopper imitation.  This pattern uses Brown and Black foam which I think matches a lot of the Hopper and Crickets that are in and around the GSMNP.  Dakota Angler has 72 videos posted online and you are sure to find a new pattern to help you catch more fish.

Hook: Daiichi 1280
Thread: Ultra Thread 140
Body: 2 mm Black foam over brown foam
Legs: Round rubber legs
Indicator/Sighter: 2 mm Orange foam



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