Volunteers Needed for Lynn Camp Prong Evaluation

Volunteers are needed to assist the Park Service in an electro-shock evaluation of Lynn Camp Prong.  The work is scheduled for Monday, June 25 through Thursday, June 28, weather permitting.  I have suppressed the long distribution list for this message to make it easier for you to read.
This evaluation will measure the success of the stream treatment performed last year to remove rainbow trout.  It will also measure the population of brook trout for this important brook trout restoration project.  It is expected that the work will take all day for each day scheduled.  All the workers will have to hike up the trail to the sample sites and work in the stream as part of the electro-shock team.  So the work will be moderately strenuous.
If you want to help on any of these days, please let me know.
Charlie Chmielewski
cell 865-661-7325
Information about times and what to bring.
1. Please remember all events are weather dependent, as we cannot shock in the rain!
2. Meet at parking area/trail-head at upper end of Tremont Road each day at 8:30am.
3. Please bring waders that go at least waist high, your own lunch, plenty of water and any other drinks you want. During shocking, you cannot be in the water without waders!
4. The work will involve assisting in an electro-shock survey to determine the brook trout population. The work will likely take all day.
5. Call Charlie Chmielewski as soon as possible on his cell phone (865-661-7325) if something comes up and you cannot come or are running late.


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