December Newsletter

President’s Corner

by Steve Darnell


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

As we embark into 2021, I would like to congratulate Steve Young as President
Elect of the Little River Chapter of Trout Unlimited. Steve is not a stranger to
our membership; he has been our Vice President for 2020 and the coordinator
for the Trout Camp for many years. Steve is a steeped GSMNP Fisheries
Volunteer and served as a Team Leader for the Acid Deposition Sampling
Program as well. His experiences within Trout Unlimited on the local level as
well as the regional level will serve us well. Congratulations to our other
officers; Vice President Bob Bishop, Treasure Stan Starkey and Secretary
Tristen Smith. I am confident that the future of LRCTU is in good hands.
On a personal note, thanks to Ernie Frey for mentoring me as President this
past year. 2020 has been an unprecedented year, and I thank you for your
support and patience. We all look forward to 2021 as we try new methods of
12/20/20, 5:33 PMengagement with each other in the interim and anticipate life returning to normal in the future. Be safe and stay healthy. Thanks for all you do!

Steven Darnell, 2020 President LRCTU

From the Board

We are pleased to present the Officers and Board Members for 2021.
President – Steve Young
Vice President – Bob Bishop
Secretary – Tristen Smith
Treasurer – Stan Starkey
Board Members:
Trout in the Classroom Coordinator – Jim Jeswald
Volunteer Coordinator / Financial Reviewer – Richard Barnes
Programs Coordinator – NEED A VOLUNTEER
Trips Coordinator / Membership – Larry Davis
Webmaster – Joe Hatton
Communications / Newsletter – Joyce Frey
Past President – Steve Darnell
At Large: Chantelle Fortier
Jim Jollay
Jimmy Jones

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