November 2020 Newsletter

The Presidents Corner


The Holiday Season is upon us, the time when we not forget the food. All three of those items mean even more this year. We ponder even more how important our families are during these challenging times. Cling to those we love not so much with our arms but with our thoughts and prayers. We can hug them later when it’s safer. Faith is also so important right now. We all need someone to lean on when there is more questions than answers. And lets not forget the food not only for ourselves but for those who are in need. Have a Wonderful Holiday Season, be safe, stay positive and test negative.

We need your input. We want to know what you want to see and want to do in 2021 while times are so challenging. Are you interested in learning new skills through Zoom meetings and if so, what do you want to learn? Are you interested in outdoor meetings and activities and if so, what would that activity be? Do you want to go fishing with a small group, hike a new stream, learn how to identify aquatic insects, or learn how to tie fishing knots? We really want to know how to engage with you. We have a lot to share with each other and if you want to be the instructor, that’s great too! Just because we are, all about fishing doesn’t mean that a group wouldn’t be interested in photography. I love to take pictures of my fish but they could be much better pictures! Give us your thoughts and help us craft a 2021 program tailor made just for you.

We also need volunteers more than ever! I don’t say this in desperation but because the more you invest in an organization the more you get out of the experience. We want more people, and new people to be involved and engaged in making a vibrant program for our members. Be a part of something great.

Happy Holidays
Steve Darnell, President LRCTU

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