November / December Meeting

Next meeting will be December 3 at Barley’s Maryville, This meeting will be our Business meeting follow by a silent auction. You bring the stuff you want to get rid of and some of the money goes to the chapter. This was a lot of fun last year and a lot of stuff changed hands. Social hour starts at 6 and business meeting at 7. The silent auction will go on from 6 till 8.


Winter reading

I came across a story on the GRAY’S SPORTING JOURNAL  website

Beyond Big Snowbird

OCTOBER IN WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA, season of the hunter’s moon and pickups with kennels wedged into their beds. Around Robbinsville, such rigs are a common sight, as is blaze orange, camo, and the bear hunters who wear both. This is Horace Kephart country, after all, and the “hounders” of the Southern Highlands mark time via the bloodline of hounds: “That was the year Belle’s legs stove up on her,” or, “It was the same spring Gypsy littered Clyde and Buck.”

By contrast, my days and years on southern streams have a tendency to run into one another. With no spring runoff and conditions that make year-round fishing not only possible but also enjoyable, a weird sort of amnesia drifts over me. It becomes difficult to distinguish one trip among many, one particular hatch from all the others. I try to imagine the fly fishing equivalent of hounds and bear hunts. What would my reminiscence sound like? “That was the year I blew out my favorite waders,” or, “It was the same spring I slammed my four-weight in Uncle Terry’s screen door.”     Read more at   Gray’s website


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