February meeting

This month Meeting is on Tuesday, the 26th. The social hour start at 6pm for social hour and 7pm for the meeting.  Matt Culp is our presenter, he will be giving us the annual state of the Park report.  It gives us much needed information of the heath of the Park Trout population. This the one meeting you will not want to miss.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Your help is need, we are trying update the list of Eddie George awardees. We are missing winner for a few the years and we may not have everybody listed on the year they won.

So if you are a pass recipient and do not see your name or we have you on the wrong year please let us know.

Year Recipient

2017 Rich Eitel

2016 Steve Van Fleet

2015 Doug Sander

2014 Steve Young

2013 James Locke

2012 Rich Ashmore


2010 Charlie Chmielewski

2009 Bill Bollinger

2008 Mark Spangler

2007 Jack Gregory

2006 John Skinner

2005 Roy Hawk

2004 Tom Eustis



2001 Joe Hatton

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