August Meeting

President’s Thoughts

Ernie Frey


Well it’s August and summer has been pretty good to us so far. Little River has been low but not desperately low like last year. We have only had a few days in the 90’s. This summer has been pretty good but I don’t think we have recovered from last summer yet. Joyce and I went fishing on Middle prong or Tremont last week. Fishing was good. We found a lot of young of year rainbows which were fun on dry flies but no larger adults. It could have been just us and our fishing style but I think last year was a hard year on the Park.


All the talk now a days is the eclipse, to me it is a good excuse to head down to Tellico River and do some fishing. That way you could accomplish two things – get in a day of fishing and be in the path of a historic eclipse. Just an idea but get there early.

We had some fly casting games at July’s picnic meeting and a great time was had by all. Charlie Chmielewski won the distance cast and Bill Bolinger won the accuracy contest. Congratulations to all the contestants that had the courage to get up in front of everyone and show their cast.

There is now a boot and wader cleaning station at Little River Outfitters. If you have been to waters that may have a problem with aquatic invasive species, before you head into the park to fish drop by the cleaning station and wash down your boots and waders. The cleaning solution is not chlorine based and is not supposed to harm your equipment.

This month’s meeting will be on August 24 at Calhoun’s in Maryville. As usual, the meeting will start at 7pm but the fellowship will start at 6pm.


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