January Meeting

President’s Corner

Ernie Frey   ernest.frey@comcast.net


Well it is the start of the new year and the Chapter has a new president. I would like to introduce myself, I am Ernest (Ernie) Frey. I have been in the chapter several years and have been very active with Chapter’s trout in the classroom program from its inception. Seeing the joy that having those trout in the room brings to the children is very rewarding.

This year is the Chapter’s 25 th anniversary and we are planning several activities to celebrate the event. We would like to honor the founding members with a dinner and have a Fall festival on a weekend for our younger members who cannot join us on weekdays.

The Southeast Regional Trout Unlimited meeting is scheduled for April 21 – 23 in Gatlinburg. All of the Tennessee chapters have been asked to help support the meeting. Chapters from the 8 southeastern states will be asked to attend.

All of our regular events will also be continuing, like the monthly meeting, Tie and Lie, river clean-up, trout in the classroom and last but not least park volunteering. Finally, I would like to thank Mike Bryant for his leadership of the Chapter these last 4 years and also Bill Bolinger and Dave Ezell who are rotating off the Board. They have been critical in having an active chapter. I would also like to thank Jim Jeswald who has agreed to be Secretary, Jake Comstock who was willing to take over the newsletter editor position and to all of the board members who are staying on the board.


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