October Meeting

P r e s i d e n t ’ s C o r n e r

Mike Bryant (mjbryant1954@hotmail.com)


(Mike Bryant, who’s column usually appears here, is on hiatus this month with trips to Europe and Montana)

But in the newsletter

By Joyce Frey
All of our schools have reported successful hatches and have released the fry into their tanks.

Big Sky Yields Big Fish
By Dave Ezell
So, Montana can be a little tricky weather-wise in October and it did nothing to spoil that reputation for a recent trip. During the second week of October, this group of five anglers saw snow, sustained 30-40 mile winds with gusts to 60 mph and then sunshine, calm and 60 degrees, all of which we fished in over 8 days –
six on the Missouri, near Craig, MT, and two on the Smith River, near… nowhere.

Smokemont Camping Trip
IT DID NOT RAIN!! For the first time in my association with
the camping trips, it did not rain.

Spooky Tie & Lie on Tap for October 31
The Casual Pint in Maryville is scheduled for 6-8 pm on the 31 of October. I understand that is Halloween but what better day to sit around and talk about how to fool fish with feathers and tinsel. Most of us will be

Good Fishing <((((<


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