October Membership Meeting

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Mike Bryant (mjbryant1954@hotmail.com)
As I’m writing this article for our monthly newsletter, the shutdown of the U.S. Government is still in place.  Obvious to all of us who live in the area, the shutdown has closed the National Parks, including GSMNP.  The Parks belong to the American people.  Americans created the Park system and it’s Americans who have worked so hard to preserve the Parks for future generations.  It’s a shame that politics can have such a negative impact on the things we love.  There has to be a better way to run a railroad.  Well, at least the fish are happy without all of us chasing them!  And I guess I really no longer have an excuse for not chopping that cord of wood.

On a more positive note….

Hatchery Funding To Remain Open
In a September press release the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, in response to a letter from members of Congress (including Senator Lamar Alexander),announced there are no plans to close mitigation hatchery facilities and that funds would be repurposed to ensure the facilities are adequately funded.  An internal USF&WS study raised concerns that the Service planned to close the facilities without public input or approval of Congress.

October meeting

Wilderness First Aid & Survival (by Kirk Harris)

Ever wonder what’s the best tact when you’re caught in the middle of a river in a lightning storm.  Come to the October meeting and find out!  Kirk Harris (a Little River Chapter member) will provide a presentation on wilderness first aid and survival.  Kirk will provide information that is critically important to all of us whether we’re fishing in a stream next to a road, chasing brookies in the back country or hiking in the Park.  This is a program you do not want to miss. And be sure to invite any of your fishing friends who may not be TU members.

Many thanks to Dane Law (Southeastern Anglers) for a great program last month.  His report on fishing in local area streams and a program on trout fishing in Patagonia were excellent.

I hope to see you at the October 24 meeting and the November 16 book signing. As always, if you need anything, please let me know.

Be safe,

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