May 1FFF-SEC Fly Fishing Festival



The 2013 Southeastern Fly Fishing Festival will be held at The Ramsey Center at Western Carolina University on May 17 – 18


 They expect to have at least forty exhibitors and forty tiers.  They will have Ian and Charity Rutter of R&R Fly Fishing, Jim Casada of Jim Casada Outdoors and Al Buhr, two-handed rod guru, as their headliners. Their MCIs and CCIs have, once again, put together a best in class casting program.  You can also take the tests to become a CCI or MCI.  There are numerous (mostly free) presentations and classes.  Download the current casting schedule and the current free (no registration required) presentation schedule.  They even have programs and events for your non-fishing significant others and kids.



On Friday night, they have teamed up with the Little River Chapter of T.U.   to host the Back the Brookie BBQ.  All profits from this event will support brook trout restoration in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  Immediately following the BBQ, we will be showing the Fly Fishing Film Tour in the Ramsey Center.  Please come and help Mike Bryant and Dave Ezell  support this event.


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