Tying Matt’s October Caddis

“The October caddis is the “Isonychia of caddis hatches”  in that it is a large insect that hatches sporadically, and the trout become accustomed to their presence for about two, autumn-colored months of the year. ” This is another Tightline Productions video.  Please see the Practical Patterns  post in June.  October Caddis primarily hatches at night into very early morning.  Early morning till noon and after 6pm is the best time to fish the fly. Cast the fly along the margins of fast water and bank side pockets. The flies are large, size 10 and 12 and make a big meal for hungry trout.

Hook: #8-12 Standard dry fly
Thread: 6/0 Orange
Tail: None
Body: Mixed rusty orange rabbit and zelon (or antron)
Underwing: Amber zelon
Wing: Orange dyed elk body hair
Thorax: Same as body, touch-dubbed (It should seem somewhat heavy when you dub it, but after a cast or two, the loose fibers fall out, leaving a nice, fuzzy, floating thorax.)

Good fishing



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