President’s Note – September 2022

Trout in the Classroom needs you! We have several classes in schools in our area that need a TIC Tank Coordinator. This program, along with our Great Smoky Mountains National Park programs is a premier conservation communication program for the Chapter. Arguably it is the Chapter program with the most direct link to the future of conservation; youth of today are the conservationists of tomorrow. It only happens if someone (YOU?) step forward and volunteer. The program does not involve rocket science but a commitment to help students develop and maintain a school of trout from eggs to parr in a 60-gallon tank through the course of a semester. There are a number of experienced coordinators that can assist you with any issues. The program requires a part of one day a week (and usually less early in the semester). We have tanks in grades K – High School with most in the elementary levels. If interested contact James Jeswald or Steve Young

On a personal note, it frankly distresses me that this wonderful program is struggling to find help from an organization that prides itself on getting the message of conservation out through volunteering. Give this plea some thought!

Tight Lines!!—Steve Y

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