Don’t let the sun go down without saying thank you to someone, and without admitting to yourself that absolutely no one gets to this point on their own.—Stephen King


The end of 2021 nears—as with most I am irresistibly moved to look back over the year and find things to be thankful for. The picture above is something I am reminded of almost every day because I get this or similar views on the way to our house outside of Dandridge. We came here in part for the Nature Sanctuary that is the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and the Southern Appalachians in general. When we first moved here nearly ten years ago, I hoped that I would never take this view or those like it for granted. I can say honestly and thankfully that I still am stirred each time a view like this pops up in front of me.

My other point of thanks is the group of folks that make the Little River Chapter go. I remember that 2021 started out as a continuation of the deeply frustrating 2020 with remoteness the key word. But I am gratified by all things we have been able to accomplish between then and now. Zoom meetings, while frustrating, did have good and informative programs, our Park water sampling and Brook Trout Restoration Programs continued, albeit on a reduced scale, we were able to have cleanups both on the Little River and Pistol Creek, we met ‘live’ for the first time in nearly 18 months with a well-attended picnic at River John’s, we had a campout at the Cataloochee in the fall, our newly-conceived online Auction was ‘birthed’ and was very successful, our TIC program was active again, and our newsletter continues to be a great communication tool for our ‘extended’ LRCTU family; there are more activities I am sure that have escaped me. My real point is that none of these activities could have happened without 1) someone to step up and get it organized, and 2) people to come out to help and enjoy the fellowship along with the positive ‘vibes’ that came from participating. Most of these activities have been led by the members of our Board of Directors; folks that I am deeply grateful who make the chapter move forward.

It is time to reaffirm that group of people. The time for the nomination and voting on the Chapter Board of Directors through the nomination and voting process is now. The nominations are in and are listed below; we have a couple of new members and an open slot that needs to be filled.

Steve Young–President
Bob Bishop–Vice President
Stan Starkey–Treasurer
Tristan Smith—Secretary
Kim Pouncey (new)—Program Coordinator
Jim Jeswald–TIC Coordinator
Larry Davis–Trips Coordinator, Online Auction Coordinator
Richard Barnes–Volunteer Coordinator, Membership Coordinator, Financial Reviewer
Joyce Frey—Newsletter Editor
Steve Darnell—Past President
Jimmy Jones—Board Member
Jim Jollay—Board Member
Gary Pickett (new)—Website Coordinator
?????—Board Member

This list will be brought forward to the members at the January meeting at the Bluetick Tavern. If you have additional nominees you wish to bring forward either notify me at or at the meeting in January. Whatever your choice, please take the time to thank these people for their leadership and service over the past couple of years.

Hope to see you in January!
Tight Lines!

Steve Y

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