August Meeting

President – Steve Young


We did it! Almost 40 members of 4 different TU chapters gathered together live at River John’s this past July to celebrate…getting together!! While there were a couple fly rod games out there on the lawn and a few tried their luck in the Little River (to pretty much no avail with the water as low as I have seen it in my 8 years of attending this event) most folks just stayed in the shade and reestablished old ties in person. This meeting marked a 2-year time interval since the last get together at River John’s.

A note on future meetings. We are planning to hold a live meeting on Thursday, August 26 at the Blue Tick Tavern in downtown Maryville. See more information on the meeting and program below. We are keeping an eye on the way the Delta variant is spreading; as I said a few months ago, flexibility is key. Many of us are getting out and also getting used to that irritating accoutrement in the COVID era, the mask. I am on the West Coast at this writing and at our location, businesses are remaining open but asking patrons to mask up. I am saying if you feel the need to wear a mask, go for it but still come and meet in person; we want to see you.

A new organization that is in the formation stages and I have been meeting with via zoom is the Blount County Watershed Alliance. The leaders of this group are bringing together over 25 organizations that have some interest in the conservation and improvement of watersheds in Blount County. This includes the Little River which in our wheelhouse. I am most interested in getting together with those who we could possibly partner to expand the cleanups at Pistol Creek in downtown Maryville and our Little River Cleanup in the Park. There are a lot of folks out there who are conservation minded and want to be involved; I think this group has the potential to bring them together.

Best Wishes and Tight Lines!

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