March Meeting


Zoom Meeting : March 30th 7pmSpey-Rod Fishing by Tim Flagler.



If you follow sports at all you have heard or seen the phenomenon that some teams just have it over others no matter their relative standings or skill levels. Well, that is me and Big Creek at the north end of the Park.  Some of the most beautiful and fishy-looking water I have seen—but Big Creek wins out most every time despite my best efforts.  I have done OK on occasion but my Batting Average and RBI totals aren’t the greatest.  But having said that, will I be going back?  You betch’um Red Ryder!!—laughing fish or not.  Also, a day on the stream doesn’t have to be about catching fish, but rather the beauty of nature around you and the wildlife you see.  My Big Creek day was highlighted by this little fellow I found on a stream-side rock sitting in the sun.  I thought it was dead but a little nudge and it came to life.  I think he/she was too cold to fly which didn’t portend well for the coming evening, but feisty enough to let me know to keep my distance!

Some folks have told me that this winter hasn’t seemed too different than previous.  But my heating bill and ‘fish-o-meter’ say different.  Our kwhs for January and February are the highest of our 9-year run here.  My lack of fishing time because of low water temps also fuels my prejudice!  But the immediate forecast looks more ‘spring-like’.  Time for me to hit the water—hope you can too.

Big thanks to Charity and Ian and all the Little River members for having the patience to preserver through my technical goof-up.  For the first night I somehow made 2 Zoom meeting notices, kept one for me and sent the other to everyone else.  Well patience paid off as we had a great turnout on the next Tuesday (over 30 participants) and were treated to a very informative talk on winter fishing by Charity and Ian.  Although spring appears to be coming along there is bound to be a cold snap or two before spring comes to stay and those coaching tips will be useful.

Best wishes and tight lines! — Steve Young

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