Great Opportunity to Help

The 2020 Acid Deposition Water Sampling and Fisheries Activities meeting has been scheduled for Saturday, February 15, 2020 at 9am. It will be held at the Park Service Twin Creek Science Center. The Center is easy to access and maps can be emailed to anyone requesting one. See the attachment.

This meeting is important and interesting because it serves several purposes. Matt Kulp the Great Smokey Mountains National Park Chief Fisheries biologist will speak to the measured results (UT) of the environment on streams in the Park. He will be joined by Caleb Abramson a biologist from the Fisheries section. This information goes back to 1993 when water samples first started being taken.

Additionally, the water sampling schedule for 2020 will be reviewed and an opportunity to sign-up for dates you might be interested in volunteering for will be available. Taking samples occurs on Saturdays every other month. The various sample routes will be identified and discussed so no one signs up for a route that is too difficult.

Lastly, the planned stream work by the Fisheries Department will be available for 2020. This year there were only six activities planned. Because of the government shutdown getting interns and summer hires was delayed resulting in fewer things to be done. These activities involve stream work and the need to wade and electroshock fish (it’s not harmful to the fish). Staff from the National Park Service, Trout Unlimited, the University of Tennessee, the TN Department of Environment & Conservation, TN Wildlife Resources Agency, TVA and the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission will be participating. Because these activities occur in the summer, we won’t be looking for help until the dates get closer.

Getting involved by volunteering to participate in these different activities is not only a heck of a lot of fun, you also help the Park. To volunteer and participate does not require any knowledge or experience. Volunteers will be shown/taught what to do.

I recognize that volunteering to help takes your time and commitment. If you are interested in what we do, please attend the meeting. There is no commitment and anyone can attend. We are always looking for new people. Because we provide a breakfast, it is important to know how may people are going to attend. So, if you’re going to be there please shoot me an email with your name.

Looking forward to seeing you.

Richard Barnes
Volunteer Coordinator
Trout Unlimited

Contact Richard Barnes at


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