May Meeting

President’s Thoughts

Ernie Frey


When you hear some master fly fisher say “You have to fish on the bottom with a nymph” we all hear them. It has taken me a while to actually figure it out. Thanks to some nymphing classes at the fly show in Atlanta, I tied some HEAVY bead-head pheasant tails on jig hooks and they have caught fish. I think I was being fooled by the strong currents in our mountain streams. The nymph is never as deep as you think. Until you can feel or see the nymph hitting the bottom, you are not deep enough. That is where the jig hook is helpful because it travels in the water with the hook point up. Snagging is an unfortunate consequence of bouncing the nymph on the bottom but having the hook point up is helpful. I still loose flies but catching makes it worth it.

May’s meeting will be on Tuesday the 22ndat Barley’s in Maryville.
As usual, social hour starts at 6pm with the business meeting at 7pm. Our speaker will be Bill Stiver – Supervisory Wildlife Biologist for the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. He will be speaking on the black bears in the park.

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