Spring is almost here.

Spring starts a new season. To us a new Trout Season. A time to renew our Trout licenses.  TWRA (Link).  Most of all a time to start planing fishing trips.  But as chapter members it is also time for new volunteer opportunities.  As volunteers there are some forms we need to fill out, so go to our Project Page for the forms and info.  Please checkout the Volunteer schedule below for times and dates.

2018 GSMNP Fisheries Volunteer Sampling Schedule


Back to fishing, Rob Fightmaster has some nice articles on the Journal section of his website (link).


The first one I would checkout is “Early Spring Fishing – Finding feeding trout when things are in transition”.



P.S. Rob also has some really nice hand-tied all-purpose leaders.  In Length: 7 ½’ or 9’  Tippet Sizes: 4X, 5X, or 6X (Link)


Good fishing.



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