July Meeting

President’s Corner

Mike Bryant (mjbryant1954@hotmail.com)


After a dismal amount of time fishing this spring and early summer, I’m back in the streams chasing rainbows and brookies. With the summer low, warm water conditions, I’m focused on longer leaders and searching for pools that likely hold fish. I’ve been fishing with a beetle pattern that I can up with that’s fooling a lot of fish this summer. Great fun to be back out on the water again. But I am conscious of how stressful very low flows have on fish and how improper handling can ultimately cause them to die. Check out an article that we’re reposting to improve the fish’s odds of survival.

We had another great Trout Camp again this year. The kids learned a lot and by most accounts they all caught trout and had a great time. It was an interesting mix of skill sets from those who had never fished for trout before to a young man who ties flies for Cabela’s. My grandson was visiting with us again this summer, so I had the opportunity to take him along for the evening fly tying at Trout Camp. He’s at a great age to gain exposure to the Park, fly fishing and conservation. We had a blast hiking, fishing (he caught his first trout this year), and completed the necessary criteria to become a junior ranger at the Park.

Spending time with my grandson, the kids at Trout Camp and watching the hundreds of kids participate in trout release (Trout in the Classroom) has made for a great summer.

July Meeting – Outdoor Cookout at River John’s

Mark your calendars for Thursday, July 28. Our annual outdoor meeting will again be at River John’s  (Map)  http://www.riverjohns.com/.  Fortunately Outdoor Chef Extraordinaire Mike McKinsey will be back on the grill. Check out the article in the Newsletter for more details.

I hope you’re having a great summer and getting the opportunity to get outside. I’ll see you at River John’s.


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