N. C. Coldwater Stocking By County

NC-Coldwater_Stocking_by_CountyNorth Carolina has  a web page where you can find out how many brook, brown or rainbow trout the N.C. Wildlife Resources  Commission (Link)  plans to stock this year in a specific county’s waters, select the county on the map on the web page .  You will then see a PDF document file that you will be instructed to download.  It will show the monthly stocking amounts for each type of fish by stream.  The PDF will also list if the stream is a Delayed Harvest stream and show the winter stocking amounts.  This a great resource to have before you make a road trip and end at a stream that does not have many trout in it.

All so listed below is Delayed Harvest streams in Tennessee

Hiwassee River:  October 1 through last day of February.  From the Appalachian Powerhouse downstream to L&N Railroad Bridge

Paint Creek:   October 1 through last day of February. From  Paint Creek Campground downstream to mouth at French Broad River.

Piney River:    November 1 through last day of February.  From the Cumberland Trail State Park downstream to Highway 27 Bridge.

Tellico River: October 1 through March 14.  From the mouth of Turkey Creek upstream to the mouth of North River.

Good Fishing and a safe trip.

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