Acid Deposition Sampling Meeting for 2012

Once again, we need volunteers to gathering water samples on stream for the Acid Deposition Monitoring Program that began in 1993.  A breakfast meeting has been scheduled for interested volunteers and University of Tennessee researchers with the Park Service for Saturday February 25 at 9:00 AM at Park Headquarters.
The meeting should be finished before noon and at the meeting we will:
1)  Present and discuss trends in emission reductions and latest results of effects measured on stream.
2)  Review of sampling process and any changes to protocols and logistics of sampling.
3)  Develop a volunteer list and schedule for the next year of samples.
It is important that the Sampling Program continue to gather data as improvements in air emissions are made so that the effects of the improvements can be measured.  The Park Service does not have the resources to continue the sampling at the current level without the help of TU and the volunteers who participate.  Since the samples are gathered every other month, we need a large number of volunteers who are willing to join a sample team for at least one or more of the samples being scheduled.If you plan to attend the meeting or even if you cannot attend but want to volunteer, please send me a message or call me.  This will help me set up the volunteer list and provide enough food for all the attendees.
Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make the 2011 sampling a success.

Charlie Chmielewski
cell 865-661-7325

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