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Although one of his close relatives stated that Washington never fly fished, and all of his business and personal records (and he documented of every purchase he made) show that he only purchased coarse tackle for his own use and for the commercial fishing enterprise he ran out of Mount Vernon. Below is a picture of George Washington’s fishing kit.

George Washington’s fishing tackle





While taken a break from the Constitution Convention in 1787,  George Washington wrote in his Diary : “Monday, 30th, July. In company with Mr. Govern’ Morris went into the neighborhood of Valley Forge to Widow Moore’s a fishing at who house we lodged “.

“Tuesday, 31st, July. Before Breakfast I rode to Valley Forge and over the whole cantonment & works of the American Army in the winter of 1777-­1778 and on my return to the Widow Moore’s found Mr. & Mrs. Rob’ Morris. Spent the day there fishing & lodged at the same place.”

“Wednesday, August 1st, Returned ab’ 11 o’clock with the above company to Philadelphia”.

“Friday August 3rd, 1787. Went to Trenton on a Fishing Party with Mr. & Mrs Rob’ Morris & Mr. Gov’ Morris. Dined and lodged at Col’. Sam Ogden’s – In the evening fished

Steve Davis of Stillwater Woodcraft has a video of Coarse Fishing in the 18th century. Coarse Fishing link







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