Ernest Hemingway big two hearted river

hemmingway-monumentBack in August while fishing in Michigan I came across this marker on the East Branch of the Fox River at a State Forest Campground (Map).  The Marker which commemorates a 1919 fishing trip which later served as the inspiration for one of Ernest Hemingway’s most famous short stories, “Big Two-Hearted River.” In the stream behind the marker I caught a nice Brown and Rainbow and ended up catching several trout in the main branch.  I  did not have much time to explore but I  know  I will be  going back to fish it again.  You can read the stories at this (link).  If you are like me and like listing to a book while you are riding in your car to a trout stream. There are two Youtube Audio videos where the book is read to you. (Part I)  and ( Part II)

Good Fishing

Joe <((((<

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