Delayed Harvest Season is upon us

Delayed Harvest AreasDelayed Harvest

In the areas listed below, the harvest or possession of trout is prohibited during the catch-and-release season and only artificial lures are permitted and the use or possession of bait is prohibited.


Hiwassee River:  October 1 through last day of February.  From the Appalachian Powerhouse downstream to L&N Railroad Bridge

Paint Creek:   October 1 through last day of February. From  Paint Creek Campground downstream to mouth at French Broad River.

Piney River:    November 1 through last day of February.  From the Cumberland Trail State Park downstream to Highway 27 Bridge.

Tellico River: October 1 through March 14.  From the mouth of Turkey Creek upstream to the mouth of North River.

Also do not forget about  North Carolina and north Georgia Delayed Harvest trout streams.

Good Fishing

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