August Meeting

President’s Corner
Mike Bryant (


I am very much a warm weather person.  Winter and cold weather have never been my favorite time of year.     I credit that to my mother who grew up in the South.  I’ll take shorts and t-shirts over long pants and fleece any day.  Said another way I’ll take wet wading in the Park over waders.  Fishing in the Park has had its ups and downs this spring and summer.   Earlier the lack of rain dropped the water levels and raised water temperatures, forcing  a change in my fishing tactics and locations.  Recent late July rains have raised the water levels to a healthy state, and fishing can be quite good.  Even with slow fishing, I never grow tired of being in the Park.  We are so blessed to have these great natural resources in our backyard.  I hope you will take the time to visit, explore and fish there.  Most folks would give their eye teeth to have what we have, so I encourage you to take some time to visit.  Better yet, take a child and help build tomorrow’s conservation leaders.

Our chapter continues to be busy this summer.  Volunteers have been helping Matt and Park employees with sampling and electroshocking.  I joined over 100 volunteers help clean the Clinch River last month.  The event was organized by the Clinch River Chapter.  I was part of the tire cleanup crew that removed over 300 tires that day and personally removed four large truck brake rotors.  Go figure!  I guess it’s in my DNA, but I have never understood why people liter.  Anyway, I’m glad we have the opportunity to find ways to preserve and restore our natural treasures, even if others don’t  appreciate what we have.

We had another great monthly meeting at River John’s again this year.  Other than a brief shower, the weather was good.  Many thanks to Ross Schweinforth for conducting a casting class prior to dinner.  All the feedback from the students was positive.  If you flyfish the most important skill to learn is a casting.  Many thanks to Ross – it’s one thing to be a good caster, it is an entirely different deal to have the capability to teach someone to how to cast.  It’s a gift and Ross has this gift.  And what can I say, Outdoor Chef Extraordinaire Mike McKinsey and his help provided yet another outstanding meal at River John’s.  Thanks Mike!!!

There are some cool fall events coming up that you will want to check in this newsletter.

Finally, our next monthly meeting is on Thursday, August 28 at Calhoun’s in Maryville.  Dave Knapp will be our featured speaker.  Many of you know Dave and know of his fishing and guiding abilities.   Dave will discuss fishing opportunities and tactics in Colorado.

I hope you can make the August meeting, attend one or more of the upcoming events and give some thought to how you can help by donating your time and talents.

Be safe.


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