June Meeting

President’s Corner

Mike Bryant (mjbryant1954@hotmail.com)


As the lack of rainfall continues into early June, low water levels are starting to impact the trout in the Park. Only a few short weeks ago, despite lower than average water levels, the trout were eagerly taking dry flies, including the larger than average size trout. But as the water dropped, normal lies became too shallow and the fish seem to be hunkered down and less willing to take a dry fly during the day. I’ll be spending more time nymph fishing early and late in the day and praying for rain. Hopefully we won’t have a repeat of the droughts of recent past.

Pat Tully and I did manage a trip up to Greenbrier to chase brookies back in May. The weather was good and the brookies were happy to take dry flies. I think we both cut off our nymph flies and fished with only dries for most of the day. It’s a beautiful stream, but not a stream you want to fish alone.

Ernie Frey and I reviewed the Trout in the Classroom (TIC) program with the curriculum board at the Clayton Bradley Academy. The school has agreed to the program. We hope that this will be one of many TIC programs to establish in the area. Funds from the Steve Moore Youth Education Program will be used to procure the equipment. Ernie will be the TIC coordinator working closely with the teachers in equipment set-up, egg procurement, and troubleshooting as needed.

Have a great summer and be safe!

“It’s A Small World After All” Aquatic Entomology –
Presented by Bill McConkey

The presenter at our June, 26th meeting will be Bill McConkey. Bill is a native of Englewood, TN moved to Etowah, TN when he married. Bill has been teaching in McMinn County for a total of 35 years. Eighteen years as an Earth and Life Sciences teacher at Mountain View Elementary School (8th Grade). For the past 17 years he has taught at McMinn Central High School, teaching Biology 1 and upper division Biology and Physics.

Bill is a member of the Hiwassee Chapter of Trout Unlimited and a life-long fisherman. About 12 years ago, Bill became involved in aquatic biology through the local Boy Scout Troop as an Assistant Scout Master. Bill has also taught First Cast at High School level for the past 8 years along with fly tying.
Bill and his wife have two sons Cody and Kevin. Bill is a rabid Lady Vols Basketball and Softball fan and also enjoys outdoor photography. Fly-fishing is more than a hobby with Bill, it is a passion.

Bill’s presentation will be on aquatic entomology of East Tennessee. He will show the diversified aquatic life in our streams and rivers and the importance of realizing what our fish are feeding on, as well as the importance of knowing the details of some of the more notable bugs for our fly tying bench. He uses an artist approach to knowledge of our aquatic life making better flies.

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