CalderwoodJust the place to spend a hot summer day.  The deep water from Fontana lake keep Cheoah, Calderwood and Chillhowee lake cold thought out the summer,  making them a great place to beat the heat doing the hot days. Brookfield Smoky Mountain Hydropower manges the lakes and has done some improvements by adding  five Canoe Campsite on Calderwood lake and Canoe Portages on all three of the lakes. Calderwood lake is stocked with 7,015 Rainbow Trout from Tennessee and another 7,000 Rainbow Trout from North Carolina.  You can fish for Trout with licenses by either state in the entire reservoir as long as you are in a boat.  So get out your Kayak or Canoe and spend a great day fishing.  I have added some links below to some maps to help you get around and the article Dixie’s Fabulous Finger Lakes that was in South Trout Magazine.

Canoe Portage and Campsite Locations

Recreation sites – Calderwood and Chilhowee Reservoirs map

Dixie’s Fabulous Finger Lakes

Good Fishing <((((<


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