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FflyplusAs I was listing to Jim Habera talk and he mentioned the Caddis Hatch on the Holston River below Cherokee Dam.  The caddis have a green body with a gray wing, small maybe size 16 or 18 fly.  I thought about tying this fly. It is on the Flytier’s Page .  The pattern I was thinking about is a  Hans Weilenmann (Netherlands) pattern call the F-Fly Plus.  It is a simple fly,  thread, dubbing and two CDC feathers for the wing.  Hans has a video called the Improved F-Fly  that shows the basic method on how to tie this fly.  The Flytier’s Page is a great resource to have bookmarked. It has fly triers from all over the world with thousand of patterns to check out.

Holston Caddis

Hook:  TMC 102y size 15 or 17
Thread:  Uni Thread Rusty Dun
Body:  Beaver Dubbing Green
Wing: Two Premium CDC Caddis Dun (Trout Hunter)

Good fishing
P.S. Make sure to get your Troutfest tickets before April the 11th.

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