March Meeting

President’s Corner

Ernie Frey


I would like to thank Derrick White, Chapter Treasurer and Hannah Tully,
Past-Treasurer for the work they have done for our annual reporting. The
first of the year has reporting requirements for both state and federal
agencies which are critical for the chapter to keep its charitable
As an example of what can happen when the paper work is not done,
the Cumberland chapter has been decertified by the National TU and
now the State Council must try to bring 600 plus members some sort of
Little River clean-up is scheduled for March 24 at Metcalf Bottoms picnic
area. There is a 9:00 start time but try to get there a little early for reach
and equipment assignment. Lunch will be provided and Stan Starkey is
doing the cooking. If you were at the clean-up last year, you may
remember Stan does a great pulled pork.
Chapter meeting will be Tuesday March 27 at Barley’s in downtown
Maryville. Social hour starts at 6:00 and the business meeting will start at
7:00. We meet in the upstairs banquet room.
The Eddy George award will be given at the meeting.

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Spring is almost here.

Spring starts a new season. To us a new Trout Season. A time to renew our Trout licenses.  TWRA (Link).  Most of all a time to start planing fishing trips.  But as chapter members it is also time for new volunteer opportunities.  As volunteers there are some forms we need to fill out, so go to our Project Page for the forms and info.  Please checkout the Volunteer schedule below for times and dates.

2018 GSMNP Fisheries Volunteer Sampling Schedule


Back to fishing, Rob Fightmaster has some nice articles on the Journal section of his website (link).


The first one I would checkout is “Early Spring Fishing – Finding feeding trout when things are in transition”.



P.S. Rob also has some really nice hand-tied all-purpose leaders.  In Length: 7 ½’ or 9’  Tippet Sizes: 4X, 5X, or 6X (Link)


Good fishing.



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February Meeting

President’s Corner

Ernie Frey











Hope everyone is having a good mid-winter. So far for me fly tying, thinking about spring fly fishing trips and getting the new batch of TIC eggs to the schools have been keeping me busy.

Joyce and I attended the Fly Fishing Show in Atlanta the first of February. I highly recommend it if you can attend. The lecture series was excellent. Several of the chapter’s fly fishing friends were inducted into the Southern Trout hall of fame.

The TU Southeast Regional Conference will be held at the Canaan Valley Resort in Davis, West Virginia on May 18-20. The Tennessee Council of TU has made $200.00 available to each chapter for expense money for the conference. Anyone wishing to use this expense money for the conference, please send me an e-mail and you will be entered into a drawing for the money.

The chapter lost a valued member this month, Tom Eustis. I had the pleasure of working with Tom on the TIC program. He was a great help with the kids and was
always willing to help when he could.

The meeting this month will be Tuesday, February 27th at Barley’s in Maryville. The social hour starts at 6:00 and the meeting will start at 7:00. Matt Culp will be the speaker discussing the state of the park.












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January Meeting

President’s Corner

Ernie Frey


With the New Year comes some changes. We will be meeting at a new location, Barley’s Maryville, which is located in downtown Maryville next to the parking garage. The meeting date has also changed. We will be meeting on the fourth Tuesday of the month except for January, July and the end of the year holiday season. In July we will have our normal picnic meeting at River John’s and our end of the year meeting will be December 4 th .

The January meeting will be on the Monday the 22 nd , another change, with social hour starting at 6 and meeting at 7. For those who like adult beverages,  social hour will also be happy hour. Wait staff will take your orders when you arrive and intend to bring your check with your meal so payment can be made and finalized easily.

This is also the time for New Year’s resolutions. I don’t know about you but I haven’t thought too much about it. I would like to fish more this year but that isn’t anything special and I haven’t finished my bamboo rod which I was supposed to finish last year.  That would be a good project to finish.

Dennis Baxter will be the speaker for the January meeting. Dennis is the past president of the Clinch Chapter and is a biologist for TVA. He will be talking about the biology of tailwaters.

The Chapter is still looking for a vice-president, who wants to be president next

Hope to see you at the new meeting place!




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