May Meeting

President’s Thoughts

Ernie Frey


When you hear some master fly fisher say “You have to fish on the bottom with a nymph” we all hear them. It has taken me a while to actually figure it out. Thanks to some nymphing classes at the fly show in Atlanta, I tied some HEAVY bead-head pheasant tails on jig hooks and they have caught fish. I think I was being fooled by the strong currents in our mountain streams. The nymph is never as deep as you think. Until you can feel or see the nymph hitting the bottom, you are not deep enough. That is where the jig hook is helpful because it travels in the water with the hook point up. Snagging is an unfortunate consequence of bouncing the nymph on the bottom but having the hook point up is helpful. I still loose flies but catching makes it worth it.

May’s meeting will be on Tuesday the 22ndat Barley’s in Maryville.
As usual, social hour starts at 6pm with the business meeting at 7pm. Our speaker will be Bill Stiver – Supervisory Wildlife Biologist for the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. He will be speaking on the black bears in the park.

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ORVIS – Fly Fishing Lessons

ORVIS – Fly Fishing Lessons – How To Read A Trout Stream Pt.1 (link)

Reading a trout stream can sometimes seem daunting. The question of where a fish could be is one of the things that keep fly fisherman coming back to the water day after day. In this first of a two part series, Tom Rosenbauer of ORVIS shows you exactly what you should be looking for when prospecting for trout in a vriety of water types and conditions.

ORVIS – Fly Fishing Lessons – How To Read A Trout Stream Pt.2 (link)

In Pt.2 of this video series, Tom Rosenbauer of ORVIS gets more in depth about how to read a trout stream. He also delves into exactly how long you should consider fishing a spot before you move on to a new area. Tom has years of fly fishing instruction, and his advice is tested and true.

Good Fishing


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The President’s Thoughts

Ernie Frey


Just came back from the Chapter spring camping trip to Deep Creek campgrounds. We had a chance to fish both Deep Creek and Nolan Creek. I think all the campers caught fish.


Larry Davis caught his first trout, a 13 inch Brown trout. As usual, the food was great and the campfire discussion was interesting. Pat Tully did a great job. The weather on Friday and Saturday was dry and warm. If we would have packed up 15 minutes earlier we would have left dry. And if you haven’t experienced a Chapter camping trip, you really should plan to camp with us.


The Chapter’s next meeting will be April 24 at Barley’s in Maryville. The social starts at 6 pm and the meeting at 7 pm. Our speaker this month will be Jon Ellis from the Tellico Hatchery. He will be talking about the Citico and Tellico fisheries. He will also be talking about some of the possible changes at the hatchery. See you at the meeting!

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March Meeting

President’s Corner

Ernie Frey


I would like to thank Derrick White, Chapter Treasurer and Hannah Tully,
Past-Treasurer for the work they have done for our annual reporting. The
first of the year has reporting requirements for both state and federal
agencies which are critical for the chapter to keep its charitable
As an example of what can happen when the paper work is not done,
the Cumberland chapter has been decertified by the National TU and
now the State Council must try to bring 600 plus members some sort of
Little River clean-up is scheduled for March 24 at Metcalf Bottoms picnic
area. There is a 9:00 start time but try to get there a little early for reach
and equipment assignment. Lunch will be provided and Stan Starkey is
doing the cooking. If you were at the clean-up last year, you may
remember Stan does a great pulled pork.
Chapter meeting will be Tuesday March 27 at Barley’s in downtown
Maryville. Social hour starts at 6:00 and the business meeting will start at
7:00. We meet in the upstairs banquet room.
The Eddy George award will be given at the meeting.

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